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Space Marine Mark X "Tacitus" Waist Pattern

Space Marine Mark X "Tacitus" Waist Pattern

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This piece is INTERMEDIATE difficulty. This piece should not be attempted until some experience with EVA foam cutting and construction techniques has been obtained.


This is a digital download for a template to build an EVA foam Space Marine Mark X "Tacitus" Waist. These templates are made from scratch and are NOT constructed using Pepakura Designer or Armorsmith Designer.


  1. All digital sales are final for security and fraud purposes.
  2. The templates are provided "as-is." If you have any issues, please contact me and I will do my best to resolve any problems, but cannot guarantee I will resolve your issue.
  3. The PDF files are protected against editing. You do not need a password to view them. Unprotected files will not be provided for any reason. It has been thoroughly demonstrated that they are compatible with Acrobat Reader. Although you may find they work with other PDF readers, support will not be provided.


You will receive a 7-Zip ( archive with six files:

  1. An edit-protected PDF with full sized templates ending in "Full Size."
  2. An edit-protected PDF with the full sized templates "posterized" for Letter size paper ending in "Letter Size."
  3. An edit-protected PDF with the full sized templates "posterized" for A4 size paper ending in "A4 Size."
  4. A PDF guide that contains information needed to construct the piece (instructions, recommended foam thicknesses, etc.) ending in "Guide."
  5. A PDF with basic dimensions to facilitate scaling the piece to your desired proportions.
  6. A non-manifold, simplified STL file to be used in conjunction with Armorsmith (or similar software) to permit scaling of the piece to the configured avatar ending in "Scaling Model."

The "posterized" files, 2 and 3 above, are optional and are included for convenience to permit direct printing at 100% scale.


Templates are scaled to a 6 foot (183 cm) tall person of average build. Scaling beyond +/- 10% is likely to result in complications. I am glad to provide what support I can in situations where scaling beyond this amount is needed. The table below can be used to give you a very rough estimate of where you should start with your scaling.

This table should be used in conjunction with the drawing containing dimensions to arrive at the final scaling factor. Scaling your armor is extremely important. It is recommended that you print paper templates around "critical dimensions," tape them together and check the fit to ensure the piece is at the desired size. It is strongly recommended that you ensure your piece is at the desired proportions before you start cutting foam.

Check out my YouTube video on how to tile and scale the full-sized drawings in Adobe Reader for printing.

Rough Estimate Scaling Table

 Desired Height [in (cm)]
Scale [%]
54 (137) 75
60 (152) 83
66 (168) 92
72 (183) 100
78 (198) 108
84 (213) 117
90 (229) 125
96 (244) 133



The purchased download will provide you with edit-protected PDFs that can easily be printed from your standard desktop printer using Acrobat Reader. Print with Adobe Acrobat Reader in "Poster" mode. Scale your desired height by setting the "Tile Scale" to the scale identified from the section above. Please note when printing, go into print settings and make sure print sizing is on "Actual Size" and not "Fit."


  1. Paper
  2. 8 mm EVA foam (recommended thicknesses are included with instructions)
  3. Contact cement


A video demonstrating assembly of the foam piece can be found on my YouTube channel.

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