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Space Marine Mark VII "Aquila" Helmet (3D Print | Files Only)

Space Marine Mark VII "Aquila" Helmet (3D Print | Files Only)

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This piece is ADVANCED difficulty. There are numerous printed parts requiring complicated fabrication techniques (heat set inserts, etc.).


This is a digital download for files used to print and fabricate a Space Marine Mark VII "Aquila" Helmet. This listing provides


  1. All digital sales are final for security and fraud purposes.
  2. The files are provided "as-is." If you have any issues, please contact me and I will do my best to resolve any problems, but cannot guarantee I will resolve your issue.


You will receive a 7-Zip ( archive with 42 files:

  1. A PDF of drawings to be used to fabricate the helmet. Each sub-assembly drawing contains a detailed Bill of Materials to simplify procurement of mechanical hardware (if desired).
  2. A PDF of foam templates to be used to fabricate option components (helmet padding and a neck seal).
  3. A PDF guide containing notes and information to facilitate fabrication.
  4. An Excel spreadsheet containing a material summary of third party parts to simplify ordering.
  5. A non-manifold, simplified STL file to be used in conjunction with Armorsmith (or similar software) to permit scaling of the piece to the configured avatar ending in "Scaling Model."
  6. STL files (37) to be used in conjunction with a 3D printer to print and fabricate the helmet.
  7. A change log summarizing changes to the files.


A scaling model (low poly, accurate size) is provided for use to aid in scaling the model to the wearer.

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